Technical Services

Need help making sense of vast amounts of data? Discover why our consultants are uniquely qualified to help you increase efficiency, promote adoption and track progress towards your financial, clinical and organizational goals. Our consultants include technical experts for most major healthcare IT systems, and can help with interfaces, databases, custom report development, financial reporting, clinical decision support & workflow improvement, government regulation compliance & reporting (ACO, P4P, MU, etc.)

Reporting Services

Making sense of the vast amounts of data. Healthcare IT applications make a treasure-trove of valuable data available to providers, administrators, care coordinators, researchers and data junkies alike.

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Interface/Integration Services

We understand the importance of seamless integration, because we understand clinical workflows.

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Legacy Support Services

Whether you are a small practice or a large network of providers, we have you covered.  We work hand in hand with our clients and vendors to ensure a smooth and effective conversion.

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