We are an organization dedicated to open learning. What does that look like? Developing expertise, competencies and processes, and sharing that knowledge with our employees, consultants, clients and healthcare IT users everywhere. We believe that open collaboration is at the core of every successful partnership and to facilitate this dynamic, we have established multiple resources for sharing our knowledge, including our Newsletter, Webinars, and a growing collection of EHRC-exclusive resources to collectively educate our healthcare IT community. Please feel free to share your thoughts, recommendations and suggestions for additions – we are here to build a great informational resource for everyone.

Newsletters & Webinars


Information Technology Resources

Staffing & Consulting at it's finest!

When it comes to the industry standards for information technology, we set them.  Our team only consist of the elite IT professionals worldwide .

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IT Help Desk Services

Our Healthcare IT Help desk is a simplified, efficient & effective support system that is changing organizations nationwide!

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Government Division

Our Government Division has years of experience and we know how to work within the public sector.  Our team has supported the Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Interior, Department of Energy, National Guard and the Navy.

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