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Whenever an organization’s employees experience an IT issue, it takes a serious toll on their ability to be productive. This is especially true if the problem affects core elements of their workflow and exceeds their technical knowledge as an end user. To remedy this, EHR Concepts offers full lifecycle Help Desk Support service for a full suite of products as part of our comprehensive IT support services. When employees and clinicians experience issues, we are only a phone call, email, or chat session away to help! Our professional and experienced IT technicians can assist them and find a solution for whatever IT problems they have.

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EHR Concepts offers a support service model that is more than a helpdesk. We ensure that our support specialists are skilled experts in the applications you use. EHR Concepts help desk staff have been consultants for many years. Therefore; we can offer more than just Tier 1 general support. Our goal is to offer the best level of support at a minimal cost to your organization.

We have a proven track record of providing quality helpdesk support. This is critical to the success of the project as the main objective is to streamline and provide the most efficient support to providers and office staff. With our support technicians being experts in the systems the client utilizes, we strive to be unparalleled to other firms focusing on delivering only top ranked subject matter experts in the industry. Our executive team came from a support background giving us the ability to train, screen and prepare the best consultants nationwide.

For Allscripts clients, we built an EHR Live Chat that connects your end users directly to helpdesk support with the click of one button. We are development partners with Allscripts and designed this product as we saw a need for quick, direct, and efficient support. With EHR Live Chat, your users can connect via a remote chat session by selecting the live chat option from the EHR vertical toolbar, and will be immediately connected to a support technician.

We also include reporting services, which give the clients leadership team the data needed to allow for continual improvements. Resolving the incident is only part of our process; our goal is to review data so we can be proactive and improve workflow, training or the software to ensure it aligns with the client’s goals.

Our Support Service Offers:
  • 24×7 support service
  • US based support personnel
  • Application specific IT Professionals
  • Client-focused Support
  • Full Life-cycle Support
  • Reporting and Trend Analysis
  • Proactive Improvement Evaluation

“I didn’t know what I was missing until my company engaged EHR Concepts.  The professionalism, attention to detail and product knowledge is unmatched.  Our organization has already noticed vast improvements from recommendations by EHR Concepts and we are only a few weeks out of the onboarding stage.   I have been beyond impressed with the quick and efficient response times as well as the pleasant and enjoyable representatives.  My company could not be happier!”

We complete a discovery assessment to understand the client’s current support model, the system set up, policies, and goals. Our current support service is customized to fit each client’s unique environment.

Service levels are crucial building block that creates a consistent quality assurance throughout the organization and helps improve outcomes. We define the SLA’s to facilitate improvements that align with client’s objectives and ultimately decrease overall cost. Our model improves productivity, quality, and interaction between the end users and helpdesk by defining a clear policy and procedure for issues.

SLA Uses For Support The Following:
  • Help-desk service time and call tracking
  • Problem severity definitions
  • Critical service priorities
  • Defined solution categories
  • Training requirements

EHR Concepts Support GoalsOutcome
Increased end user satisfaction98% increase in end user support satisfaction
Improved clinical and provider adoptionMore efficient- Real-time support improve productivity
Improved documentation compliance68% increase in office note completion by the time patient is done with appointment
Eliminate inefficient workflowsIncentive dollars able to be obtained
SME input in how the system optimizationEffective communication
Improved clinical and financial outcomesFaster, quality care delivered to patients
Reporting MatrixBuilt-in surveys, recording and reporting tools in ticketing software to ensure organizations are better allocate their training and support dollars.

Staffing & Consulting at it's finest!

When it comes to the industry standards for information technology, we set them.  Our team only consist of the elite IT professionals worldwide .

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